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Incomparable Heavenly Realms InfiniteReikiMassage Healing

60 minutes: $140
90 minutes: $180
2 hours: $240

In person AND distant experiences!

My all time ultimate Incomparable Heavenly Realms InfiniteREIKIMassage HEALING Session is one of a kind on the whole planet.  Mindfully unwinding and unraveling and unlocking your entire being so you may feel NEW AGAIN and FEELING into every cell of your entire being as if you are woken up full on full throttle. 

Working together as a team, Swedish Esalen as an under current, conscious breathing, gentle ‘Rock the Baby’ rocking, gentle stretching, clearing your mind, melting your muscles, freeing your spirit and igniting your soul into BEING ALIVE ~

Guaranteed to be unlike any other ENERGY MASSAGE . . . EVER!

“Luana Is a true master alchemist when it comes to the body.  She greeted me outside as I drove in at her beautiful location. I didn't feel rushed out the door we sat and had time to address  my intentions for our session.  So we got to work on the outer layers of my energetic body to address causation of the density within my body. Her  massage room is absolutely exquisite with beautiful angels on the wall.  I felt nurtured supported and also like I had someone holding space so that I could step into a whole new future and support my body to join me there.

Major shifts happen during that appointment that I saw even days later and I feel so much healthier mind body and spirit.  It was beyond any massage I have ever had.  I highly recommend an appointment with Luana.  You will understand what I mean when you experience it firsthand!” ~ Pamela La Luz Butters, International Sound Bowl Healing, 10.27.2022